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The Born Identity

The biggest message God has been sending me lately is that spiritual warfare is truly real. In the immortal words of dc Talk "beyond this physical terrain there's an invisible domain where angels battle over souls in vast array." Since the publication of the chart electromagnetic spectrum we've learned that what we can touch smell see and hear is less than one billionth of reality. There's a lot more going on than we know.

Satan wants to separate us from the life that God truly wants us to live. And he doesn't have a lot to work with so he has to use his resources wisely. He has seen what drags you down, what distracts you from God's best. Often times he can try to bog us down with too many good things. Most of us want to be kind, to help others where we can. Satan takes this noble God-given trait and tries to twist it. He wants us to take on too much. If the devil can't make you sin he will make you busy. You've heard the saying jack of all trades master of none. When you split your focus too much everything suffers. This is why it is crucial to know when to say no.

There are countless good things we can be involved in, and if we are not careful we can see our schedule fill up too much. This leaves little room in our lives to fully hear from God and to respond when he spontaneously wants to show up.

Knowing who you are and what you were made for can bring great freedom to say no. Because you are focused on living out your identity. Saying no to certain things helps us to say yes to the right things. It also leaves room for those moments when God wants to do something new. Like that stranger He wants you to talk to for an hour.

And more importantly, it gives you space to slow down and listen to Him so you can recognize it when He says go. When does helping hurt? When it keeps you from being who you are meant to be and doing what you are meant to do. When we live an identity filled life we can help the world the best way we can--the way we were made to. And in that we can truly show the world the greatest answer to its needs; Jesus.

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