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It's a Celebration

Hey guys,

Sorry for being MIA the last few weeks. A lot has been going on which kept me very busy, but the good kind of busy. I want to quickly highlight a few cool things that have been going on:

  • New Computer: One of my support team members gave me a computer! This is literally changing how I am able to do ministry. Quicker, easier, more efficiently. God has used that person to truly impact Castle Rock. Thank you (you know who you are)!

  • Wild at Heart Bootcamp: I some very generous folks donate towards me

attending this boot-camp, which will help me to minister to men more effectively. I am officially going the weekend of August 18th. Thank you (you know who you are)!

  • Men's Hike: The leadership team has been assembled, we have begun meeting as a group, and we have had guys start to register. This isn't a traditional hike; there is a huge spiritual component and we read Wild at Heart together. This is going to change lives. Please be praying that God guides all the right guys to go.

  • Kenya: We have joined with another group from Front Range and now will be leaving July 18th and return on August 1st. This has changed the financial dynamics a little bit so please be praying for God's favor.

  • Men's Discipleship Group: We had our very first discipleship group. I allotted an hour to get through some orientation, but the four guys hung out for almost an hour after just getting to know each other. It was cool to see community building. We are reading a book together now and have begun sharing our thoughts. I have also been meeting with one of the guys one on one as well and he is really excited about the things we are learning and it is already impacting his life. I am really excited to see where this goes.

  • Promoters: I have been fortunate to have a few people on my support team step up to share my support letter with people they know. This extends the reach of my ministry greatly and will help me to get fully funded much more quickly. Thank you (you know who you are)!

Please continue to pray for me and Angie as we journey through the support raising process and work

towards me doing ministry full-time. The spiritual warfare is on big time, but the Bible says the prayers of the righteous are both powerful and effective. Each of you is making a huge difference!

- Jamison Brown

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