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When I was 17 years old, I heard God very clearly call me into full time ministry. That was a frightening experience for me at that age. I wanted to do what many guys that age wanted to do; watch movies, play video games, and generally not have any responsibility. But even then, He was moving me to serve His church and His people. Through some pushing from a mentor of mine, I ended of preaching at my youth group. While I was speaking, I finally felt like I was doing what God created me to do. After that, I knew I would never be able to do anything else.


Fast forward to today and God is calling me to finally serve His church in a full time capacity. In 2016, I will be working for Front Range Christian Church. Over the last two years I have been a part of helping get the church on the ground from a vision and values standpoint, but even more importantly God has chosen to use me to lead our Pastoral Care ministry (Cares). This is the opportunity to be the hands and feet of God in caring for the people in our community, Castle Rock. We visit the sick, bring food to the hungry, offer counsel and guidance, and help peole when labor is needed. This is a critical part of any church, but particularly in helping people to trust a recently planted church.


The Cares Team is certainly a full time job in and of itself, but I am also working with some other men to develop a men's ministry at Front Range. Statistically, men are critical to the spiritual health of a family and community. We want to help men go deeper in their journey with Jesus and help to disciple them. I want to develop more community groups, put together a calendar of events, and develop of curriculum to take men through.


Since Front Range is still very new, there is little money to use for paid staff.To help the church continue to grow and develop, a few of us have decided to ask for the partnership of people like you to help us make ends meet while serving the church and our community faithfully. Please prayerfully consider supporting me while I do the work of God here in Castle Rock. 

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